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Medical Imaging Technology (SpringerBriefs in Physics)

Biomedical imaging is a comparatively younger discipline that started with Conrad Wilhelm Roentgen’s discovery of the x-ray in 1895. X-ray imaging was rapidly adopted in hospitals across the world. Nonetheless, it was the arrival of computerized data and picture processing that made revolutionary new imaging modalities possible. At present, cross-sections and three-dimensional reconstructions of the organs contained in the human body is feasible with unprecedented speed, element and quality. This e book provides an introduction into the ideas of picture formation of key medical imaging modalities: X-ray projection imaging, x-ray computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, and radionuclide imaging. Latest developments in optical imaging are additionally covered. For every imaging modality, the introduction into the physical rules and sources of distinction is supplied, followed by the methods of picture formation, engineering aspects of the imaging gadgets, and a discussion of strengths and limitations of the modality. With this e-book, the reader features a broad foundation of understanding and data how as we speak’s medical imaging gadgets operate. As well as, the chapters on this e book can serve as an entry level for the in-depth study of individual modalities by offering the important fundamentals of every modality in a complete and easy-to-understand manner. As such, this e-book is equally attractive as a textbook for undergraduate or graduate biomedical imaging classes and as a reference and self-study information for extra specialized in-depth studies.


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The Atlas ofEndoscopic Ultrasonography

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Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) is now an established technique for the diagnosis of GI disease. In addition, therapeutic indications for EUS have recently been developed and it is included in the training programs for gastroenterology. The Atlas of Endoscopic Ultrasonography provides a large collection of excellent images obtained from both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to give readers a preview of practice. It includes a DVD with video clips and searchable database of images. This package presents a first-class collection of images to give a highly integrated introduction to endoscopic ultrasonography. .

Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine, 8th Edition Labels: Medicine Books


Book Details
  • Paperback: 1304 pages
  • Publisher: Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd; 8th Revised edition edition (20 July 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0702044997
  • ISBN-13: 978-0702044991
Book Description
From reviews of the previous edition
‘I have bought other Clinical Medicine books but this weighty one is by far the most comprehensive and an excellent reference book.’
‘If you are going to get one book on general medicine then get this one. It is excellent. Great online features mean you can print things out, great for assignments and revision. Obviously best to get the latest version to stay up to date with disease management etc. Highly recommended!’
‘Truly the best all round textbook for medical students, with up to date information and links to research papers where relevant. Written in a clear manner and goes into a good depth of detail. Always my first port of call!’
‘I find the more condensed books good for review, but they aren’t enough for me to learn the subjects in the first place. They all lack the fluidity of voice, the compelling descriptions of diseases, and the extremely handy way of guiding the student along the path of signs and symptoms to differential diagnosis to investigations to final diagnosis and treatment, which K & C have done so well. The diagrams and layout make the book easy to read, and a good variety of visual aids. Excellent book for the clinical years.’
‘An excellent textbook for students (I am a pre-reg nurse). With its additional online resources it helps the student to develop the concept of applying theory to practice. You could buy a dozen other related textbooks and they still wouldn’t cover a fraction of what this one does. Definately not to be missed. I wish I had had access to such a book when I was a young student. Altogether excellent and recommended unreservedly.’
‘This book is truly amazing in terms of its content. It covers everything in clinical medicine . The StudentConsult is also a nice bonus, as it means you don’t have to carry this fairly weighty book around with you. If you are looking for a book in clinical medicine, look no further.’ –Student reviews
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Medical Management of Eating Disorders: A Practical Handbook for Healthcare Professionals

Rules of remedy as well as strategies of observe are fully lined in this sensible guide to the medical complications of anorexia nervosa and related consuming disorders. Psychiatric and psychological perspectives enhance medical and dietary therapies and the text is supplemented by diagnostic color photographs of important bodily manifestations of consuming disorders. Although the quantity is appropriate for all well being care professionals, particular information is provided for basic practitioners, nursing staff, household caregivers, and patients.

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Medical Statistics: A Guide to Data Analysis and Critical Appraisal

Holistic method to understanding medical statistics
This fingers-on guide is way more than a basic medical statistics introduction. It equips you with the statistical tools required for proof-based scientific research.

Every chapter offers a clear step-by-step information to each statistical check with practical instructions on how you can generate and interpret the numbers, and present the results as scientific tables or graphs.

Showing you how one can:

analyse knowledge with the assistance of knowledge set examples (Click here to obtain datasets)
choose the correct statistics and report results for publication or presentation
perceive and critically appraise results reported within the literature

Every statistical test is linked to the research query and the type of research design used. There are additionally checklists for critically appraising the literature and net hyperlinks to helpful web sites.

Clear and concise explanations, combined with plenty of examples and tabulated explanations are primarily based on the authors’ standard medical statistics courses. Important appraisal guidelines on the end of each chapter help the reader evaluate the statistical knowledge of their specific contexts.

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Really Essential Medical Immunology (2nd Edition)

his re-creation of Really Essential Medical Immunology builds on the success of the first edition and features a fresh modern look and straightforward-to-navigate really feel, with fully updated content and materials.
Really Essential Medical Immunology Second Edition is a concise, manageable and transportable textbook, based on the original and best-promoting Roitt's Essential Immunology, and is specifically designed and written for busy medical and science students attending to grips with the topic of immunology.
The e book is split into five different components protecting:
The idea of immunology 
The popularity of antigens 
The acquired immune response 
Immunity of an infection 
Medical immunology
Really Important Medical Immunology:
Accommodates solely the absolute essentials that students have to know 
Lays out info in a clear, simple-to-navigate format 
Contains revision summary bins to assist get the best results in exams 
Describes concepts visually by using clear, easy full color diagrams 
Is a must-purchase for busy college students who want to find information quick and straightforward

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Functional Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas, 2nd Edition (LANGE Basic Science)

A Doody's Core Title
Superbly illustrated, this core textbook reinforces an understanding of primary neuroanatomical structures by emphasizing their scientific significance in neurologic disease. Featuring a seamless integration of over 400 illustrations inside the text, Functional Neuroanatomy consists of cross-sectional atlas views of the brain and brain stem, MRI photographs in three planes, and key concepts recognized within every chapter.

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